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Meet Shy!

About Me.

Hello! I’m Shy, the founder, head chef, and primary educator for Shy’s Fresh Eats. I’m extremely passionate about gardening, sustainability, plant education, and providing fresh, healthy, nutritious produce and herbs to the community.

I decided to combine my passions and start Shy’s Fresh Eats to provide the community with plant and gardening education, as well as handmade products crafted with love, using mostly produce and herbs from our own garden!

Combating Food Deserts

Growing Education Program

“Food deserts”- the lack of available local fresh produce options within the community- disproportionately affect areas of low socio-economic status, which tend to be heavily populated by Black people and other communities of color.

The Growing Education Program through Shy’s Fresh Eats is designed to provide education and access to information about the wide variety of fresh produce options available for our consumption, and to expand on this knowledge with empowerment to grow these fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your own backyard. Information is disseminated through gardening workshops, and access to seed kits and other gardening supplies to help new growers get started. 

Priority is given to enrollees who are Black or from other communities of color, because they are disproportionately affected by this disparity. However, all are welcome. Please consider a donation to help keep these Growing Education Workshops free or low-cost, in order to ensure that our mission of reducing food deserts is being met.

Instruction & Consultations

Urban Agriculture/Garden Planning & Design/Plant Care

Allow us to use our garden and plant care expertise to help you design, create, and start your garden. This includes both in-person and virtual educational instruction, hands on care, and consultation/follow up.

Instructional options include information about seed germination and planting, soil preparation, water/sunlight/temperature conditions, pests and disease management, and harvesting techniques.

hear from our happy customers!


Hear from some of our happy customers who have used Shy’s Fresh Eats for garden design consultations, attended our workshops, and more!

*Note: these services to resume Winter 2021

From our garden to your table

Elevated Meal Prep.

At Shy’s Fresh Eats, we offer quality, customizable meal prep services using home-grown produce and herbs to ensure that you get fresh, healthy meals that are tailored to your needs!


We build you a custom menu

We work with you to build a custom menu and meal plan that is designed with your tastes and nutritional goals in mind.


we cook fresh meals for you

We prepare incredibly fresh meals for you, with most of the produce and herbs coming straight from our garden!


we package and deliver to you

We package your meals in convenient, reusable food containers and deliver them right to your doorstep!

Get in Touch


If you’re interested in our meal prep services or simply want to know more about what we offer and how we can work with you to build a custom meal plan for your specific needs, just fill out the contact form and we’ll get right back to you!